Privacy Policy  

General Information and Overview  

This Data Protection Declaration (10.01.2021) was created to explain to you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the provisions of applicable national law, and personal data (data for short) is responsible and responsible. 

Ranqinxz places a high value on the protection of personal privacy. This documentdescribes how we handle information that could be used to identify and protect individuals. All the information regarding data protection can be reached at the email:  

Range of Application  

The domains and as well as all the subdomians are the domains from Ranqinxz GmbH. The data is control from this domain by Ranqinxz GmbH.  

We will collect all of the information you provide to Ranqinxz By personal data we mean information such as a person’s name, email address and postal address. Your Personal Data will not be shared with any third-party or external service provider. Ranqinxz is a global company with locations that have legal restrictions on international data transfers; as such, Ranqinxz will transfer your Personal Data to locations outside of the European Economic Area. 

The scope of this data protection declaration includes: 

  • On all online presence we operate (website) 
  • Social media presence and communication platforms such as email 

Basically the information insurance presentation applies to all areas in which individual information is handled in an organized way in the organization. 

Data Protection Contact Information 

When you want to have more information about the data protection, you can contact as below:  

Miracle Consulting GmbH 

Brauereistraße 13 
68723 Plankstadt 


Data Storage Duration 

Ranqinxz will only process Personal Data to comply with legal obligations and to make ist services as usable as possible. Your personal data will be stored as long as it is necessary to properly provide you with business services of Ranqinxz.  

Which Data will be processed by Ranqinxz  

When you visit our website, our web servers which are computer saves your data such as:  

  • The complete internet address of the website i.e. URL 
  • The operating system (for e.g. Windows 10) 
  • Browser or browser version 
  • Date and time when visited 

Why we process your data  

Ranqinxz needs your own data to give you admittance to this site, to convey any administrations, and to agree with lawful commitments. As a rule, while giving individual information is deliberate, Ranqinxz might not be able to perform or satisfy your prerequisites and guidelines without it. Ranqinxz, for instance, may require your own data to handle your entrance demand. In these conditions, Ranqinxz will not be able to address your issues without specific individual data. Kindly remember that you can utilize Ranqinxz’s administrations without consenting to any extra marketing activities.  

Legal Basis  

The legitimateness of the handling of individual information with regards to web facilitating results from Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit. f GDPR (security of genuine interests), in light of the fact that the utilization of expert facilitating with a supplier is important to make the organization safe and easy to use on the Internet to have the option to introduce.  

  1. Frauds and Legal Claims: Whenever required, Ranqinxz will involve your Personal Data for the reasons for forestalling or arraigning crimes like extortion and to state or guard against lawful cases.
  2. Polls and overviews: Ranqinxz could welcome you to take part in polls and reviews. These polls and studies will be by and large planned so they can be replied with practically no information that can be utilized to distinguish you. Assuming that you in any case enter such information in a poll or review, Ranqinxz will utilize this Personal Data to further develop its items and administrations.
  3. Contract Performance: Assuming you buy or expect to buy labor and products from Ranqinxz for a corporate client or in any case be the designated contact individual for the business connection between a corporate client (a “Client Contact”) and Ranqinxz, Ranqinxz will involve your Personal Data for this reason. This incorporates, for the aversion of uncertainty, such advances which are needed for building up the pertinent business relationship. In the event that a current Customer Contact illuminates Ranqinxz you are their substitution, Ranqinxz will, from the specific moment of such notice, believe you to be the applicable Customer Contact for the individual client until you object as additional set out beneath.
  4. Making of anonymized informational collections: Ranqinxz will anonymize Personal Data gave under this Privacy Statement to make anonymized informational indexes, which will then, at that point, be utilized to further develop its and its members’ items and administrations.
  5. Customized Content: Assuming that you select in to get advertising interchanges, for example, and including pamphlets, leaflets or white papers from Ranqinxz, Ranqinxz will gather and store subtleties of how you connect with such substance to help make, create, work, convey and further develop our correspondences with you. This data is amassed and used to assist Ranqinxz with giving more helpful data and to get what is of most interest to you.
  6. Accounts for quality improvement purposes: If there should be an occurrence of calls or visit meetings, Ranqinxz will record such calls (in the wake of illuminating you appropriately during that call and before the recording starts) or talk meetings to work on the nature of Ranqinxz’s administrations.
  7. To stay up with the latest or solicitation criticism: Inside a current business connection among you and Ranqinxz, Ranqinxz may illuminate you, where allowed as per neighborhood laws, about its items or administrations (counting online classes, courses and occasions) which are comparative or connect with such items and administrations you have effectively bought or utilized from Ranqinxz. Moreover, assuming you go to an online course, class or occasion of Ranqinxz, download or see whitepapers, bulletins, recordings, programming free preliminaries, or buy items or administrations from Ranqinxz, Ranqinxz may get in touch with you for input in regards to the improvement of the pertinent Material, item or administration. 

Google Analytics Privacy Policy  

We use Google Analytics tools on our website. Google Analytics gathers information about your activities on our site. For instance, assuming you click on a connection, this activity is put away in a treat and shipped off Google Analytics. The reports we get from Google Analytics permit us to all the more likely designer our site and administration to your requirements. In the accompanying we will carefully describe the following instrument and, most importantly, illuminate you concerning which information is put away and how you can prevent this. 

We use target bunch reports to get to realize our clients better and know all the more unequivocally who is keen on our administration. 

  • Promotion reports: Ad reports make it simpler for us to break down and further develop our internet publicizing. 
  • Obtaining Reports: Acquisition reports give us accommodating data on the best way to draw in more individuals to our administration. 
  • Conduct Reports: Here we figure out the way in which you communicate with our site. We can comprehend which way you take on our site and which joins you click on. 
  • Change reports: Conversion is a cycle wherein you play out an ideal activity in view of a promoting message. For instance, when you go from being a simple site guest to a purchaser or bulletin endorser. These reports empower us to dive deeper into how our advertising measures are impacting you. This is the manner by which we need to expand our transformation rate. 
  • Constant reports: Here we generally know promptly what’s going on our site. For instance, we can perceive the number of clients is presently perusing this message. 

Why do we use Google Analytics  

Our objective with this site is clear: We need to offer you the most ideal help. The measurements and information from Google Analytics assist us with accomplishing this objective. 

The measurably assessed information provide us with an unmistakable image of the qualities and shortcomings of our site. From one viewpoint, we can advance our site so that intrigued individuals can think that it is all the more effectively on Google. Then again, the information assists us with bettering comprehend you as a guest. We hence know precisely what we want to develop our site to offer you the most ideal assistance. The information additionally assists us with doing our promoting and showcasing measures all the more independently and cost-adequately. All things considered, it just seems OK to show our items and administrations to individuals who care. 

The use of Google Analytics requires your consent, which we have obtained with our cookie popup. According to Art. 6 Paragraph 1 lit. a GDPR (consent), this consent represents the legal basis for the processing of personal data, as it may occur when it is collected by web analytics tools. 
In addition to the consent, there is a legitimate interest on our part to analyze the behavior of website visitors and thus to improve our offer technically and economically. With the help of Google Analytics, we can identify errors on the website, identify attacks and improve profitability. The legal basis for this is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR (legitimate interests). 

Google Ads Conversion Privacy Policy  

We use Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) as a web based showcasing measure to publicize our items and administrations. We need to make more individuals mindful of the great nature of our proposals on the Internet. As a feature of our publicizing measures through Google Ads, we use transformation following from Google Inc. on our site. 

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is the in-house web based promoting framework from Google Inc. We are persuaded of the nature of our proposition and need whatever number individuals as could reasonably be expected to get to know our site. In the web-based region, Google Ads offers the best stage for this. Obviously, we additionally need to get an exact outline of the money saving advantage component of our publicizing efforts. That is the reason we utilize the Google Ads change following device. 

Why do we use Google Ads Conversion Privacy Policy  

We use Google Ads to cause to notice our proposal on different sites. The point is that our promoting efforts truly just contact those individuals who are keen on our offers. With the transformation following instrument, we see which watchwords, promotions, advertisement gatherings and missions lead to the ideal client activities. We perceive the number of clients associate with our promotions on a gadget and afterward convert. This information empowers us to ascertain our money saving advantage factor, measure the accomplishment of individual promoting measures and thusly streamline our internet advertising measures. With the assistance of the information acquired, we can likewise make our site more fascinating for yourself and adjust our promoting offer significantly more separately to your necessities.